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2017 A Year in Review

2017 A Year in Review

You know how you start out with big goals at the beginning of each year? Well I do that every year. I sit down in December and decide what I want the following year to look like.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a couple of goals with you. The first goal I had was to earn a RE/MAX award, underneath that was to donate food & toys to charity, and all that other good stuff like traveling, eating right yada-yada-yada.

So here I am, open for business … at Starbucks. Waiting for a possible new client.

I didn’t get the best table that day, it was the one with the wobbly leg, so the sign kept falling every time I moved. So that was that. I knew we had our RE/MAX award gala coming up, but since I did the Konmari method (minimalist lifestyle) on all my clothes. I didn’t have a dress. So the Konmari method is that you only keep items that still bring you joy.  So the only FORMAL dress I have that does that is my wedding dress.



So I decided that I would just put it out there on social media (to see if this would be acceptable to wear to a gala), and surprisingly, everyone approved! I arrived at the event and the people that saw this post, were expecting to see me in the dress! I think this may have been the best prank I’ve ever pulled that actually worked!




But seriously …

That night, I will always hold dear to my heart. I actually won a RE/MAX award.


Now don’t start thinking it went to my head. It didn’t, I know the ladder has several rungs, and sometimes you can take a step down before you go up. There have been several downs that happened this year.




Like when I drained the pasta I cooked & dropped it into the sink.







Or how about the time Big Guy sat on Little Guy’s glasses (again)?  And I had to use my craft skills to hot-glue them together. Since I didn’t think he would need more than one pair .






And then there was that January day I went outside to enjoy the weather, and noticed that at some point the wind had blown the cover off of our chimney. I have no idea how long it had been sitting on our roof.





Then there was that day in February that I went to ACE Hardware on Jones Rd and picked up a pamphlet.



No I didn’t get chickens, I worked on my macrame skills!! I needed to think about the chickens.








I know we had a few warm days, but I didn’t know it would be this warm in March! Where DO you put your phone when it says this and you are outside in Texas?








That was the same day I got a sunburn … and I was showing houses. My little chats outside of the home after a showing require sunscreen.





We decided to get chickens in April, and they grew pretty quick, so quick that they didn’t stay in their box. Note to anyone considering raising chickens, you have to keep them inside for a couple of months. Thank you ACE Hardware for having Stacy & Linda working there, they are the best for new chicken mamas like me.



I went to ACE so much after that, I even met Jake, of Jake’s Atomic Salsa! He is a 12 year old entrepeneur that is killing it in the salsa business.






In May I learned that my daughter wanted to become a Marine.

I also learned what a drill sergeant looks & sounds like. He did not look friendly and his voice was so raspy I couldn’t understand a word he said.

I also came up with this crazy idea of painting rocks and hiding them around town for people to find while I’m out with clients. I thought it would be the coolest business card, and came up with the hashtag #monicaguyrocks

It worked! This one was one of the first ones found!





So I kept it going, it would either be the best idea, or literally as dumb as a box of rocks. My clients really liked the idea too, so they wanted to hide the rocks as well!









I even found the coolest spot for this!





The month ended with the Valedictorian at a local school that wasn’t going to go to prom because she didn’t have a dress. So after a small campaign, and a few good friends. I was able to give her a dress, a great hairstyle to go with it. I couldn’t let her miss Prom.



My rocks continued to be found around town, and the smiles they brought made it more fun to do.






In June probably the hottest time of year,  Little Guy decided he wanted to sell Lemonade. So we converted the puppet theater into one. He was a natural at it.

After that I think it went to my head, I posted inspirational deep thoughts on Facebook like:







Except when it comes to fishing, you’ll end up with a nest like mine if you hang out and go fishing with me.







Here is another quote I posted:  “You have to be odd to be number one ~ Dr. Seuss”

Which  helps make this video make more sense.

I know there aren’t many that keep Christmas spreadsheets. And gosh darn it, I wanted to teach people how to use it.

After the class… I showed you how to Christmas shop in July, and that I can use sign language.

The chickens grew up

I thought I could make more videos, but my hair had other plans that day.

My September birthday brought new glasses. I’m still trying to figure out how to stop looking over the top of them.

I still held my annual Pumpkin Carving contest in October. I even gave out 2 Amazon gift cards!!

There were only two contestants. They both won.

On November 6th, I said good-bye to my baby girl so that she could become a Marine. Toughest day of my life. These pictures I’m keeping to myself. You know how that goes. So I threw myself back into work mode and on November 9th I reached out to her recruiter to inform him of different ways he could use his benefits as a Veteran. He is super nice, and he even writes to my daughter as well.





I lit the fireplace for the first time this year.







And for Thanksgiving, my mom made an ice chest full her famous Sangria.




I wrapped up my to-do list for the year delivering these foil bundles of tamales to some special people, and donating the toys I bought in July to a local charity.

I made a last minute shopping trip to ACE and met Jason Murff! Yeah, I should have worn some make-up, but it was Christmas Eve EVE!

The last couple of goals I had for 2017, were to make more videos with valuable content. So I decided to leap out of my comfort zone and it looks like I made 2 really good videos!

I don’t know which one I like the best. Thank you for making me think #monicaguyrocks 2017. I’m planning on making 2018 just as fun.


Monica Guy

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