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Get a Head Start on Spring!

Get a Head Start on Spring!

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Use that time to spruce up your home! Yes! I’m serious! Here are some easy projects you can do on your days off. Some only take a few minutes but can make a big difference!

Tackle that messy area in your home – desks, drawers and closets are the top culprits for excess clutter. Use a trash bag for disposable items and a box to collect items for donation. Tell your family that you have designated a box for donation, they may feel compelled to add a few items of their own.

Change up your entryway by adding a few potted plants,  perhaps some outdoor seating or even a new welcome mat. Paint your door a bright color or add a decorative wreath to give it a pop of color.


Check your storage needs – installing organizers in your drawers, cabinets and closets may be what you need to maintain or control your clutter trouble spots.

Cabinets can be upgraded by adding a fresh coat of paint. Change to a more modern look by adding new knobs and hardware.


Install window shutters on the exterior walls of your home for a colorful touch. The right color can completely change the look of the curb appeal.

Re-caulk your bathroom by re-caulking your bathtub and shower. Remove the old caulking and add a fresh caulk to stop leaks and give your bathroom a clean, finished look.

Check for and repair any holes in your walls with a putty knife and some spackle. Add fresh paint over the repairs to match your wall colors.

Paint a room in your house to give it a pop of color or a fresh new atmosphere.

Start your garden. Plant vegetables in a raised planting box to keep the area neat and protected from accidental damage.

Remember, these projects don’t have to be done in one day, but quite a few can be done in one weekend!

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